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Another one bites the dust

Bush Jesus
Several year's ago, there was a request to boycott South Carolina due to the state flag issue. On a trip from FL to MD, I purposely avoided spending any money (Gas, hotel, food, etc...) in SC. Recent abortion decisions in South Dakota make it prime to skip that as well, but, since I wasn't ever really planning on visiting there anyway, it's not much of a sacrifice to me. However, with this decision by the Governor of Lousiana, I think I'll avoid spending money to help LA rebuild until this law is repealed. I had thought about heading up there next summer, but those plans are now off. Anyone else that supports the state is supporting this as well. I may have to spend money at home if my own state (FL) ever passes such 14th Century trash (if we do, I hope everyone out-of-state would boycott FL as well), but I don't have to spend money in other states that do the same.

Louisiana gov. signs law that would ban abortions

"Louisiana Democratic Gov. Kathleen Blanco signed into law a ban on most abortions, which would be triggered if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns its 1973 ruling legalizing the procedure. The ban would apply to all abortions, even in cases of rape or incest, except when the mother's life is threatened."


Louisiana Abortion Ban Moves Closer to Passage

"Sen. Ben Nevers, who sponsored the bill, did not include exceptions for cases of rape or incest. “I am very deeply concerned about women who have been raped, or been involved in incest. And my heart goes out to them,” he said, but said he opposed the exceptions because “abortion is just another crime,” like rape.

Guess he wants to keep his options with his sister open....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


Mainly I posted this because I wanted to use that icon....LOL

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has a new edition with a Harry Potter Parody...go wild synergy

Good Cause...and you get to eat dinner out!


"Join us on October 5th, 2005 at participating restaurants to
raise funds for those affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita."

Dine for America

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Also, just to help the cause along...if you plan on going out next week and can do it on Wednesday, you can check out a list of participating restaurants on the Dine America site. We have reservations for a restaurant (6th Anniversary) that day and they are not participating. Sent them an emailCollapse ) to ask if they planned on 'joining the team' since they weren't on the list...yet. :) Feel free to post this info on your LJ. Thanks! (www.dineforamerica.org)
Bush Clown
Firms with Bush ties snag Katrina deals

"Companies with ties to the Bush White House and the former head of FEMA are clinching some of the administration's first disaster relief and reconstruction contracts in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina."

But I'm sure they got them after a lengthy bid process or because they were the ONLY companies that could do the job. Does the administration have any credibility left? Anywhere? On anything?

But it's just $10 billion

Bush Clown
Exxon's $10B fill-up: Cashing in on crunch

"Oil companies came under new fire yesterday when it emerged that ExxonMobil's profits are likely to soar above $10 billion this quarter on the back of the fuel crisis. That's $110 million a day, and more net income than any company has ever made in a quarter. It's also a stunning 69 percent increase over the same period a year ago and a 34 percent jump from the $7.6 billion Exxon made just last quarter."

I won't even mention the $40 billion in tax breaks to energy companies in the recently-passed Energy Bill. Come on. Feel sorry for poor Exxon. They deserve it.

But it's an e-mur-jan-see

Bush Clown
Just like suspending environmental standards on gas, Bushie just goes about solving problems with a Tycoon's mentality...guess he got that from Barbara.

Bush Proves How Far Removed He Is

"The President issued an executive order on Thursday that makes it possible for federal contractors to pay extremely low wages to workers hired for the Gulf Coast rebuilding. Bush accomplished this by suspending the 1931 Davis-Bacon law, which says that federal contractors must pay their workers a "prevailing wage" on construction projects."

"Deep poverty is a major part of the story of Hurricane Katrina, as is now plain for all of us to see. How are New Orleanians and other people in the region supposed to get back on their feet if they can’t even make $7 an hour?"

They won't be coming back to the Gulf Coast. Period. Welcome to the newest Blue State in the Nation...Texas.

And...hardly all the people in the Gulf Region are in construction. How are they going to get people from other regions to relocate at those wages? Guess he needed to make sure that Halliburton/KBR got 'cheap' labor.

He should get out more

Bush Clown
Dick "The Dick" Cheney, who was sent to the Gulf by Dyuba "was briefing reporters in Gulfport, Mississippi, on his impressions of the relief work when he was interrupted by a bystander."

"Go f--- yourself Mr. Cheney!" the unidentified man shouted. The man then repeated: "Go f--- yourself!"

Asked by a reporter if had encountered similar protests during his tour, Cheney replied: "That's the first time I've heard it."

Awfully polite protestor eh? Mr. Cheney? :)

I wonder if 'The Dick's' trip brought up any ideas for Halliburton bids???

That explains it

Bush Clown
"The Washington Post reported that five of eight top FEMA officials had come to their jobs with virtually no experience in handling disasters. The agency's top three leaders, including Brown, had ties to Bush's 2000 presidential campaign or the White House team that lays the groundwork for presidential trips."

Update: FEMA Dumps Brown as Katrina Relief Chief

That is reasonable and not unexpected (except from Bush who gives medals to people who screw up big), but Brown did a fairly good job in Florida last year (the exception being giving $31 million sight unseen to Miami residents who put in claims despite not being hit by a hurricane). And, realistically, a great many Agency Heads have little or no experience in the jobs they hold. They're political animals. However, the problem with FEMA (unlike most agencies) is that his staff has no background in the field either.